Month: November 2017

Leica BLK360 Laser Scanner

We have a new addition to the family!  – The Leica BLK360 Imaging Laser Scanner. Our trusty High-Definition 3D Laser scanners now have a little brother to assist with our increased workload. At less than 3 minutes for a full-dome scan, this little scanner (weighing less than 1kg) will swarm all the hard to reach,…

Splash down!

The team from Cooper & Oxley are in the final months of fitout and landscaping at the stunning Scarborough Beach Pool. In just a few months, this fantastic new addition to the Scarborough Beach foreshore will be open for business. The 25m & 50m lap pools will be geothermally-heated at 27°C. The family leisure pools will be a cosy…

Puddling HD Bolts

RM Surveys have been ‘wet-setting’ or ‘puddling’ hold-down bolt cages on hundreds of projects for the last two decades. This method of installation vastly reduces project cost for our clients. Without all of the timber and labour expenses involved with hanging in templates, these bolt cages may be installed to tight tolerances, mitigating the risk of…

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