3D Laser Scan for Perth Concert Hall

RM Surveys were extremely proud to be approached by Brendon Ellmer, General Manager of the Perth Concert Hall to carry out the very first 3D Laser Scan Survey of the auditorium.

Opened in 1973 on Australia Day by the then Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, the Perth Concert Hall is renowned for having one of the finest acoustics in the Southern Hemisphere and is one of the most iconic performing art centres in Perth.

“It’s the first time a survey of this sort of quality has ever been done on the Perth Concert Hall” said Mr Ellmer, “the reason why RM was engaged was their ability to deliver incredibly accurate and 3-Dimensional plans of the hall.”

RM Surveyor, Neil Foster supervised the project and with his team chose ‘Terrestrial Laser Scanning’ to be a much better option in providing a detailed scan. The device used was a P40 scan station, capable of doing up to a million points per second. Neil set up a medium resolution scan and captured coloured photography simultaneously. This resulted in accurate three dimensional scans being completed.

“Point Cloud data can be delivered in a variety of ways or a planned view can also be created of a particular site or we can go right to the high end level of creating revit models that have been compliant and are a full 3D Building Information model” said Neil.

What’s particularly exciting about the findings of the scan for the incoming concert promoters is the ability for lighting designers to use accurate measurements to produce some stunning lighting and projection results. This will add a unique and dazzling addition to performances in the hall moving forward.

The results from the scan will also assist the Perth Concert Hall with plans for future expansion. “The West Australian Symphony orchestra really needs a rehearsal space and it would be a great opportunity in the future redevelopment of this building to actually build that space and for them to be able to move of the main stage and into that space on a more permanent basis” said Mr Ellmer.

RM feel privileged to have been involved in carrying out surveying work on behalf of the Perth Concert Hall thus far and hopefully be involved in the transformation of this amazing and historic building moving forward.

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