3D Laser Scanning: An Architect’s solution to 3D modeling.

How are you doing your asbuilt measurements?

If you’re like most Architects, you’re probably frequently onsite hand measuring and cursing all the unsafe and hard to reach places. We understand the importance of accurate information and how simple measurement errors can have a vast and costly impact.

3D laser scanning is a fast, precise, reliable and cost-effective method for capturing spatial information to create asbuilt drawings or models. The ability to capture complex objects through non-contact and non-destructive technology safely and efficiently is particularly relevant to congested, detailed or hostile environments.

RM Surveys have been experts in 3D laser scanning for over ten years, partnering with Architects to capture the as-built information of their projects.

We offer clients a range of time and cost saving deliverables so they can focus on the creative and design, and leave the groundwork to us!

Enables our clients to produce more accurate designs. Provides millimetre accurate verification of actual element. Linework traced from point cloud to standard CAD DWG or PDF file are common requests. This may take the form: 
- Topographical plans.
- Roof plans.
- Building and structure elevations.
- Cross and long sections.
- Clear-route sections.
- Site plans.
Reduces your risk for design error.Compare new floor plans with old, and clash detects for variations. 
Ensures the project starts on the right foot with the correct information.
Saves you time by visually presenting your design idea.Overlay new design model directly onto the old model.Rendered 3D actual verified models (AutoCAD, Revit or IFC models).
Saves you time by not having to visit the site to capture photographs for visual references. Display textures and colours within the 3D model. Animated visualisations (AVI or MP4).
Saves you time processing the information and enables your design to be more accurate. Convert point cloud to 3D model.
Point Cloud & Fly Through 
Enhances your presentation when communicating your design idea to your clients.Full design visualisation.Virtual reality.
Leica TruViews.
BIM (Revit or IFC for import into other BIM systems).

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