Bennett Tunbridge Achieves Licensed Surveyor Qualification

RM Surveys is delighted to announce Bennett Tunbridge is our newest Licensed Surveyor and has achieved his Licensed Surveyor qualification.

Bennett’s achievement is a key part of RM Surveys succession plan and is very important for the company’s long-term success. In addition to his recent qualification, Bennett is skilled across a wide range of survey disciplines, excels in applying the industry’s latest technology, and is a senior leader and RM Surveys shareholder.

Becoming a licensed surveyor is no easy feat. It takes years to complete the university degree, two years on the job training, law and practical exams, and finally a professional interview with the Land Survey Licensing Board of Western Australia who decides whether you’ve got what it takes.

We look forward to Bennett applying his knowledge of laws and procedures relating to land ownership, development and property boundaries on the ground to our clients.

Meet Bennett

What becoming qualified means to you?
On a personal level, I’m proud of the achievement and look forward to embracing the extra responsibility that goes with the qualification. As a shareholder and part of the RM Surveys succession plan, it ultimately means the company will have an Owner and Director who is a Licenced Surveyor long after the foundering Directors have retired.

What was the biggest challenge in achieving this qualification?
There were a few challenges; completing the projects and writing the reports was a time-consuming task, as time can be difficult to find with running other jobs, work commitments and family life.

What do you hope to achieve in the future?
I will always be learning more about the Cadastral surveying industry. Having qualified as Licenced Surveyor doesn’t mean I know it all, yet, but I am keen to keep learning and growing to better serve the surveying industry and our clients.

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