Virtual Reality Capture

RM Surveys Virtual Reality Capture acquires spatial data and visual imagery to render a 3D twin of any internal physical space, such as a room, floor, or building. The output is an immersive experience not possible with Google Maps, videos or 360 images.


With Virtual Reality Capture, once your 3D digital twin is created RM Surveys can customise the 3D walkthrough, modify, annotate and populate your space to create videos and guided tours. We can also integrate our other services such as Aerial Capture, Dilapidation Survey, Property Development and Laser Scanning to add value to your 3D digital twin.

Clients can then share the digital twin and related assets with anyone on any device and expand your customer engagement and reach by sharing on social media or email using a simple link.

RM Surveys can offer a range of additional add-ons to take your 3D digital twin to the next level.

  • 4K photographs of any viewpoint for marketing and promotional purposes.
  • Tags to highlight and describe unique key features or link to external sites.
  • Aerial photography using our range of drones to showcase the proximity to desirable locations.
  • 2D floor plans
  • Video flythroughs
  • Integrate the external surrounding features of your location using our Laser Scaning service.

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