Kai Lim joins RM Surveys as HSQE Coordinator

RM Surveys is very excited to announce Kai Lim as RM Surveys HSQE Coordinator.

Kai comes from a background in chemical manufacturing and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Safety Science. His experience ranges from processing rare earth metals to championing HSQE initiatives. With local and international experience in the science, business, retail and hospitality sectors, Kai is passionate about hazard and risk prevention and building a strong safety culture at RM Surveys.

Dane Blower, RM Surveys Operations Manager said, “Kai plays an important role as part of our sustainability strategic objective by strengthening our HSQE capacity and supporting the team and RM Surveys”.

“RM Surveys strives to be industry leaders, providing our clients with a benchmark quality service that is backed by ISO 9001 quality systems. Kai is going to play an integral part in helping RM Surveys take the quality of our work to the next level,” said Dane.

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