New 3D Laser Scanner Keeps RM Surveys Ahead on Technology

RMSurveys has recently invested in new, state-of-the-art technology that will benefit not only our survey procedures and practices, but also our clients by allowing us to deliver a more efficient and accurate service.
The two latest additions to our “arsenal” include:

  • Leica Nova MS50 Multistation
  • Leica Nova TS50 Total Station
  • Leica Nova MS50 Multistation

This instrument combines several functions, including precision 3D scanning, extensive and precise total station capabilities, digital imagery and GNSS connectivity. The MS50 is a revolutionary tool with advanced measuring technology that provides enhanced accuracy and quality for an unprecedented range of applications. Indeed, the capabilities of the Leica Nova MS50 Multistation are described as being “truly comprehensive and second to none”.
The Leica Nova MS50 Multistation came into its own very recently following an incident in which the chairlift at a popular Perth tourist destination broke down, stranding several riders. Following maintenance, RM Surveys utilised the advanced capabilities of the Nova MS50 to survey & accurately align the wheels of the chairlift to ensure that the ride was safe and that there would be no repetition of the incident. RM Surveys specialists have also used the MS50 to monitor various buildings in Perth, notably some of the city’s heritage-listed landmarks, by producing a 3D point cloud of the faces of the buildings. One example of this was the old FESA Building (Fire Station) in Murray St. They have also used the instrument to survey otherwise inaccessible structures, for instance, being able to accurately survey steel beams from the ground.

Leica Nova TS50 Total Station
RM Surveys has now deployed the new Leica Nova TS50 to complement their already-impressive array of survey equipment for Dimensional Control. The Leica Nova TS50 offers even greater precision with its optimum combination of angle and distance measuring, and at the same time it offers extraordinary acceleration and speed for highest efficiency. It also features integrated overview and telescope cameras and the latest intuitive SmartWorx on-board software.

  • RM Surveys has many years of experience in carrying out dimensional Control work on structures including:
  • Car dumpers for ore trains
  • Stackers & reclaimers
  • Caissons for LNG loading jetty at Barrow Island
  • Buckle initiators and pipe supports for seabed gas pipelines

Ship Loaders
Dimensional Control work involves surveying of tight tolerances often on huge machines used in the mining or other industries. RM Surveys has a strong reputation in this field and is already utilising this latest hi-tech equipment to enhance their services by offering even greater precision with faster turnaround.

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