RM Surveys is proud to announce our Corporate Membership of the Paraplegic Benefit Fund (PBF).

RM Surveys is proud to announce our Corporate Membership of the Paraplegic Benefit Fund (PBF). PBF Australia is a membership-based organisation, offering crucial financial protection in the event of a permanent spinal cord injury. Through our membership, RM Surveys employees and immediate family members will receive support to help move forward after a spinal cord injury.

Every day, someone in Australia suffers a spinal cord injury. From workplace incidences to road and water accidents or extreme sports, the event of permanent paralysis is always unexpected and frequently preventable.

Dane Blower, Director – Operations said, “We never want to see this sort of trauma happen to anyone, but RM Surveys see this benefit to our employees as a way of ensuring the financial security in the event of such an unfortunate circumstance”.

To launch the partnership, the team were privileged to hear from Kate Fandry, PBF Business Development Manager, and Symon Still PBF Injury Prevention Manager WA who shared his own spinal cord injury story.

At 24 Symon’s life was moving fast and on track. Head Physical Education Teacher, high-level triathlete and top sportsman, he was focused and he had plans. On Symon’s way to work, his mind wandered to these plans and he was struck by an inattentive driver on his way to the office. The crash left Symon with a permanent spinal cord injury and as a partial quadriplegic.

His powerful story is a reminder our goals and dreams can be shattered forever in the aftermath of a spinal cord injury. “No one is immune from a spinal cord injury. There is only prevention because there is no cure”, said Symon.

To find out more about RM Surveys PBF cover click here. Alternatively, please contact our Director – Operations Dane Blower.

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