RM Surveys raises money for Australian Alzheimer’s Research Foundation.

RM Surveys raised $100 for Australian Alzheimer’s Research Foundation through our Containers For Change fundraising program.

Liza Dunne, CEO of Australian Alzheimer’s Research Foundation, said

“Thank you for your generous contribution to the Australian Alzheimer’s Research Foundation. Your support is greatly appreciated and enables us to continue our vital research into this debilitating disease.”

“We are committed to making Alzheimer’s disease a distant memory. Your gift of $100.00 will help save precious memories. You’re part of the discovery into lifestyle interventions, such as sleep, diet and exercise that may delay or prevent the onset of symptoms. You’re helping find an early diagnosis by supporting research into memory studies, brain imaging, and blood tests. You’re assisting the development of better treatments for those already diagnosed. You’re helping to find a cure!”

Caren Wilson, Administration & Community Engagement Manager of Australian Alzheimer’s Research Foundation, said “Thank you once again for your generosity and support, your donation contributes to our goal of a world in which Alzheimer’s disease no longer exists.”

The next charity RM Surveys will be supporting is Enterprise Partnerships WA. Their mission is to support people living in remote Aboriginal communities to build the skills, partnerships and resources required to sustain microenterprise development.

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