Yorkrakine Rock Road, North Tammin Farm subdivision

Farm subdivision

RM Surveys is pleased to complete a rural subdivision near Yorkrakine Rock, north of Tammin. This subdivision follows another recently completed on the same road, near the Yorkrakine Hall.

A 19 hectare ‘Homestead lot’ was subdivided from a 300+ hectare rural landholding. Homestead lots range in size from one to four hectares or up to 20 hectares to encompass existing improvements, landform, services or water sources; in this case, historic and existing fencing.

This type of subdivision gives our farming clients the option to retain, lease or sell a dwelling and farm, lease or sell productive farmland on separate titles. RM Surveys specialises in Wheatbelt farmland surveys and we carry out several homestead lot subdivisions every year.

RM Surveys services the Wheatbelt region with a broad range of surveying and mapping services. We are pleased to serve our agricultural clients with speciality rural land planning and subdivision services.

Samudra Sarubin is a Licensed Surveyor with a farming background and is a graduate of Ag School in the Wheatbelt.