Reduce risk and map utilities with spatial certainty.

RM Surveys recommends a 3D model of underground utilities for spatial accuracy when making critical decisions around critical assets. Mapping and modelling underground assets always accurately determine their location, even when the ground levels change as the project progresses.

Why locate when you can map and model utilities in 3D?

As one of Westerns Australia’s leading survey companies, our surveyors work with our locating team to map and model located utilities in 3D.

New Hybrid’s Refresh RM Surveys Fleet

13 Mar 2024

RM Surveys recently acquired three Kia Niro hybrids for some of our office-based team. These economical hybrid vehicles will be trialed as part of RM Surveys’ evolving environmental and sustainability strategy.

Happy International Women’s Day 2024

3 Mar 2024

RM Surveys is proud to take this moment and celebrate the incredible contributions of our talented women employees!

RM Surveys celebrate Broome Senior High School top mathematic students

For the 5th consecutive year, RM Surveys have been privileged to be able to contribute to the Broome Senior High School Year 12 awards ceremony.

RM Surveys volunteer at Variety WA’s gift wrapping tent

10 Dec 2023
Social and Community

Last week, RM Surveys were provided the opportunity to donate some of our team’s time to our long-supported charity, Variety, the Children’s Charity

Two new surveyors join the team in the Wheatbelt

29 Mar 2023

RM Survey is delighted to introduced Bennett Tunbridge and Andrew Kalotay, as your new surveyors in the Wheatbelt.

Family Day at Adventure World

RM Surveys hit the slides at Adventure World on Sunday, the 12th of March, for the 2023 RM Surveys Family Day. It was a fantastic day with great weather and short wait times on the rides.

Happy International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day – a day to recognise the tremendous contribution that RM Surveys’ 11-strong female professionals bring to our company.

RM Surveys digital representation of CBH Avon Facility

The RM Surveys Geospatial and Digital team recently captured CBH Group’s Avon Valley Transfer Facility for the purpose of design and planning works.