Unlocking potential

RM Surveys is a spatial data partner for individuals and businesses that want to understand every element of their physical asset.

Asset Lifecycle

We employ an asset lifecycle approach to everything we do. When entrusted with a project, regardless of the size, we consider the job at hand in relation to the future state of the asset. This way, we can solve today's problem in a way that mitigates risk for tomorrow and gives our client a deeper understanding of their asset and environment. We understand the challenges our clients face with end-to-end asset management digitisation, and we are data-agnostic, enabling us to work to the needs of your asset across the lifecycle.


We provide specialist advice and consultancy to support the development of a strategy that will ensure you can unlock the potential of your asset and enter the next stage feasibility and planning with confidence.

Feasibility & Planning

We understand the importance of an accurate dataset when determining whether a project is feasible. We take the time to learn your project constraints to provide fit-for-purpose datasets. This dataset will enable informed decision-making from the basis of what is possible and what isn't, often from a cost point of view.


Our multidisciplinary teams we can interrogate the design of assets at any scale. Whether your asset is a home, a building, or a mine site we excel in identifying and resolving potential design issues before the asset moves into the construction or fabrication stage saving both time and costs.

Construction & Fabrication

Our comprehensive array of construction and fabrication services enables our clients to mitigate across small and large-scale projects. We excel at identifying and resolving potential construction and fabrication issues before they escalate, saving both time and costs. Where possible, we leverage digital data to maximise program effectiveness and reduce the need for onsite visits or cumbersome and inefficient physical trial assemblies.

In Use

A spatial data foundation enhances the "in use" phase of the asset lifecycle by providing valuable insights, enabling proactive management practices, and optimising asset performance and user experience.