Asset Services

RM Surveys is a spatial data partner for businesses who want to understand every element of their physical asset. We do this by bringing together best-in-class technology and human expertise; delivering accurate and timely spatial data when needed while proactively foreseeing new opportunities, navigating challenges, and mitigating risk.


RM Surveys can provide a spatial data foundation during the strategy phase of the asset lifecycle. A spatial foundation offers:

1. Enhanced Decision Making
2. Optimised Resource Allocation
3. Risk Management
4. Improved Stakeholder Communication
5. Long-term Planning

Feasibility & Planning

During the feasibility and planning phase of the asset lifecycle, RM Surveys offers a range of survey service to enable a spatial data foundation. Once this foundation is in place it provide the following benefits:

1. Site Selection Optimisation
2. Visual Representation
3. Risk Assessment
4. Stakeholder Engagement
5. Cost Savings
6. Regulatory Compliance


When you engage RM Surveys to provide survey service for a spatial data foundation, the data enhances the design phase of the asset lifecycle by providing designers with accurate information, enabling collaborative workflows, and facilitating informed decision-making.

1. Accurate Site Analysis
2. Optimised Layout and Alignment
3. Visual Simulation and Modeling
4. Collaborative Design
5. Streamlined Permitting and Approvals
6. Risk Mitigation

Construction & Fabrication

RM Surveys can provide a spatial data foundation and a broad range of construction and fabrication survey services necessary for the construction and fabrication stage of the asset lifecycle.

1. Precision Planning
2. Optimised Construction Sequencing
3. Real-time Progress Tracking
4. Conflict Detection and Resolution
5. Safety Management
6. Resource Optimisation
7. Quality Assurance

In Use

A spatial data foundation enhances the "in use" phase of the asset lifecycle by providing valuable insights, enabling proactive management practices, and optimising asset performance and user experience. RM Surveys can provide range of spatial data to enable the following:

1. Facility Management
2. Asset Performance Monitoring
3. Space Planning and Optimisation
4. Emergency Preparedness and Response
5. Compliance Management
6. Asset Lifecycle Planning
7. User Experience Enhancement