Matthew Dowell rises to Survey Manager of the newly formed Geospatial & Digital department

Matthew Dowell has been promoted from department lead to Survey Manager – Geospatial & Digital.

The Geospatial & Digital department is a newly formed department at RM Surveys and encompassing Laser Scanning, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Drafting, and 3D Modelling work.

As one of Perth’s leading spatial surveying firms and early adopters of laser scanning and digital deliverables, RM Surveys continues to drive innovative geospatial, and digital solutions that provide clients enriched spatial data to improve working processes throughout a project lifecycle.

Matt Dowell, Survey Manager – Geospatial & Digital, said,

The purpose of the newly formed Geospatial & Digital department is to streamline our geospatial and digital deliverables and centralise the customer experience through one department.

The global construction industry is undergoing a digital transformation, albeit slowly, and the digitisation of traditional construction methods is inevitable. We aim to continue to stay ahead of the transformation.

Dane Blower, Director – Operations, said,

I’m sure everyone will agree that through Matt’s enthusiastic adoption of new technologies, excellent communication skills, team leadership and client management, he is well-deserving of his promotion to a management position.

I look forward to the year ahead with Matt at the helm of this rapidly growing department.

Matt Dowell has over nine years of experience as a geospatial data and digital engineering specialist. With a Bachelor of Science, Geoscience from Plymouth University UK, Matt brings deep insight to solve client problems across the construction, education, retail, mining, defence and government industries.

To find out more about RM Surveys Geospatial & Digital capabilities, contact Matt on 0409 831 619 or