Geospatial & Digital

Our experienced team combines innovation and a commitment to excellence to deliver advanced geospatial and digital solutions. Operating throughout Western Australia, we have extensive knowledge of the AEC industry, mining and resources, heritage, infrastructure, and large precincts.

Our spatial consultancy will assist you throughout your project lifecycle, helping you to make informed decisions, saving time and cost whilst mitigating risk. We are your trusted partner for all your geospatial and digital needs.

Terrestrial Laser Scanning

RM Surveys uses Terrestrial Laser Scanning across various industries, including AEC (architectural, engineering & consultancy), mining and resources, production, and heritage. This method of surveying offers significant benefits in terms of accuracy, efficiency, safety, and versatility.

Our instrumentation ranges from small and light units perfect for capturing ceiling cavities and mobilising around the country to more robust units suited to survey up to 800m in harsh conditions. No matter what the task or environment, we have the potential to capture your asset promptly.

All departments within RM Surveys use Terrestrial Laser Scanning to improve the efficiency and context of their projects. Our Precise Engineering team uses our survey-grade laser scanners to complement their sub-mm inspections, while our Cadastral and Property team uses this instrumentation for strata documentation and topographic surveys. Embedding this technology across the company ensures we are helping our clients reveal the bigger picture of their assets.

In all instances, a point cloud is captured, which can be a standalone deliverable or used to form various digital solutions, such as 3D as-built models/drawings, reality meshes, feature and contour surveys, DTMs, heat map differentials, and clash detection.

Online Hosting Platform

On every project, RM Surveys provides an online environment for you to view, interrogate, and store the digital representation of your asset. Using an accurate point cloud as the spatial foundation, numerous datasets such as design models, underground services, and topographic surveys can be added to deliver design confidence.


Our solution doesn’t require specialist software and can be shared freely between consultants and key stakeholders. This platform can be used as a verification tool to observe project progress or detect clashes, and as a single point of truth for all spatial data.

There is no size limit to the datasets, and high performance is maintained when viewing large datasets (billions of points, hundreds of TBs).


RM Surveys uses imaging sensors aboard fixed-winged UAVs to capture vast areas of land in regional Australia and similar sensors aboard smaller multi-rotor UAVs to capture unique structures in built environments.

Often, handheld applications are used to document a component or structure accurately, working in tandem with a terrestrial laser scanner to optimise the quality and accuracy of output.

From these surveys, we can create a multitude of deliverables, such as orthoimages, reality meshes, point clouds, DTMs, DSMs, feature and contour surveys, and inspections.

Whether your assets are hundreds of hectares of arable land in the wheatbelt or a micro mining component in a fabrication workshop, our photogrammetry solutions can assist in your decision-making.

Condition Reporting

Condition Reporting, also known as Dilapidation Survey, is an effective way to visually document your asset prior to any development. Deliverables can include,

  • Hi-resolution photography and videos
  • Geo-referenced photo locations
  • Interactive online reports
  • 360degree ‘bubble views’
  • Reality meshes
  • Accurate colourised point clouds

The above deliverables are issued to all stakeholders to help them understand the condition of their assets at any given time and can be referred to throughout the asset lifecycle.

As-Built 3D Modelling

Our Geospatial & Digital team has the experience to fully understand what our clients need regarding as-built documentation, from dimensioned 2D plans, sections, and elevations to 3D CAD, Revit, and IFC models. Using specialist software, no asset is too complex for us to turn into an accurate digital representation.


Our clients include local councils for A-Spec documentation, resource companies for route analysis and planning, and private firms to map and understand their extensive network of assets.

Understanding the geospatial formats our clients and the industry use allows our team to create deliverables that integrate directly with our client’s systems and processes.

Our GIS team is always working to improve our current workflows and deliverables so that our clients can get the most benefit from their spatial data. We don’t stop at data delivery; we continuously consult to ensure the data represents their asset in the most valuable way possible.