Dimensional Control
& Metrology

RM Surveys Dimensional Control & Metrology department provides dimensional control and metrology survey services across various industries, including construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, defence, and more.

Dimensional control and metrology survey services play a crucial role in ensuring accuracy, quality, efficiency, and compliance across various industries, ultimately contributing to the success and profitability of projects.

Our highly experienced Dimensional Control surveyors have over 20 years of combined experience in the heavy engineering, manufacturing and marine industries. This experience means we bring unique insight to complex problems and can apply various measuring and analysis techniques to create simple solutions.

RM Surveys’ methodology is industry-leading and standard-defining. Clients are provided with the highest degree of certainty and the confidence to make big decisions and big savings.

Our world-class equipment and software enable in-field analysis of complex problems and allow for collaboration and decision-making in real time. Problems can be solved efficiently with negligible impacts on critical paths.

Dimensional Inspection

RM Surveys provide a comprehensive range of dimensional inspection services including:

  • Pre and post-weld dimensional verification
  • Live adjustments to complex assemblies
  • Lay-outs for machining
  • Post-machining verification and GD&T analysis
  • Spatial consultancy

Mechanical Assembly Control

RM Surveys’ dimensional inspections provide certainty during the critical mechanical assembly of finished components.

Have confidence in:

  • Bearing roundness and flatness
  • Conveyor alignment
  • Wheel and trunnion alignment
  • Concentricity of rotating parts

Digital Assembly

A deep understanding of spatial data and the latest in equipment and software allows RM Surveys to:

  • Digitally assembly large structures
  • Compare the fit between parts in separate bays, workshops or countries.
  • Assemble parts too large or complex to assemble in your shop

Reverse Engineering

Where no design drawings exist, RM Surveys can provide

accurate 3D models or 2D plans for:

  • Small, machined components
  • Plate parts
  • Complex organic parts
  • Complete assembled structures or components

Alignment & Flatness Control

Using the latest in precision instrumentations RM Surveys can help you understand the alignment or flatness of:

  • Rotating machinery and shafts
  • Conveyors and process lines
  • Machine ways
  • Complex assemblies
  • Test beds

Pre-Machining & First Article Inspection

Using metrology-grade instrumentation, RM surveys can provide precise live reports detailing:

  • Critical dimensions
  • GD&T Compliance
  • Green in cast parts, and flagging of areas of no clean-up