Dimensional Control


Dimensional Control is a particular form of surveying requiring highly trained staff, the most precise instrumentation, specialised equipment and software, and the implementation of rigorous survey practices.

The team of specialist Dimensional Control surveyors at RM Surveys carry out high precision surveys for a range of applications including:

  • Fabrications and Machining Verification and Control
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Process Line Alignments and Adjustments
  • Mechanical Assembly Dimensional Inspection and Adjustment
  • Precision Digital Assembly and Match-marking

For structures such as;

  • Reclaimers, Stackers and Shiploaders
  • Train Unloaders/Car Dumpers
  • Subsea Spooling
  • Shuttle Frames
  • Kilns, Dryers, and Composters
  • Complex Architectural and Structural Steelwork
  • Moulds and Manufacturing Jigs

RM Surveys’ equipment, reporting and processes have been continuously developed over the last 20 years. Our experienced Dimensional Control team can help at all stages of a project, providing certainty and traceability through precise field work, the highly efficient delivery of clear, precise and accurate results, and professional consultancy.

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