Online 3D Modelling of Pipe Runs

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Coogee Chemicals, Kwinana

At RM Surveys, we specialise in unleashing the hidden potential of our clients’ assets. Recently, a consultant enlisted us to play a pivotal role in the engineering design of new pipe runs. The challenge? No accurate as-built documentation existed. Our task was straightforward: to precisely scan the existing 2.5km pipe runs, tanks, and surrounding infrastructure.

We understand that clarity is vital in such endeavours. That’s why we prioritised the creation of a colourised point cloud, allowing for easy differentiation between various services. Our expertise and cutting-edge technology provided the consultant with the detailed spatial data necessary for informed decision-making and seamless engineering design.

The challenge? No accurate as-built documentation existed.

At RM Surveys, we do not just map landscapes; we unlock possibilities.

- Matt Dowell, Manager Geospatial & Digital