Elizabeth Quay Pedestrian Bridge


The Elizabeth Quay Pedestrian Bridge is one of the centrepieces of the new precinct connecting Perth City to the Swan River.

With RM Surveys’ experience in the fabrication and erection of steel structures, they were chosen as the project surveyors for the construction and erection of this complex and visually stunning structure.

RM’s specialist surveyor for the project was Luke Howell. Luke has been very progressive in developing different methodologies and software which enabled RM Surveys to tackle such a difficult and mathematical job.

RM Surveys worked well with the engineers and the project managers on the project. In the end the difficult task of bringing together the many components from several off-site fabrication locations, assembling them together to a high level of accuracy and then erecting them in their final positions was achieved.

“All of the subcontractors involved, including RM Surveys, have done a great job and we’ve achieved a very unique result” said MRA project director Richard Mickle.

Due to the success with the Elizabeth Quay Bridge, RM Surveys have been chosen to assist with the fabrication and erection works for the Swan River Pedestrian Bridge which will allow pedestrian traffic to the new Perth Stadium at Burswood. During the course of the project RMs will be required to control the tight fabrication tolerances on site in Malaysia as well as assisting with the erection of each segment in Perth.



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